About Us

We are a Colombian company, based in Bogotá, dedicated to the marketing of gold silver jewelry of the highest quality.


Being a leader in the marketing of gold and silver jewelry in silver, renowned for the quality of our products and reliability to meet the tastes and needs of its customers.
  • Through innovation, quality and excellent service, in order to overcome the expectations of our customers.
  • With principles and values of reliability, performance and respect for our customers.
  • Contributing to the growth of the company and the country.
  • Generating well-being and professional growth of its partners.


Carmen Carrillo Jewelers, market a variety of styles and designs in silver and gold jewelry in silver of excellent quality and will be recognized as a dynamic company that offers customers easy access to their products through the website.
  • Projecting an agile, innovative, efficient, serious, allowing growth and commitment of its employees, framed within its mission, principles and values.
  • Logar sustained growth and adequate prices for their products.


  • Reliability, performance and respect for our customers.
  • Lifelong devotion to quality and excellence of our products.
  • Welfare of our employees

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